Women Entrepreneurship – Major Challenges


Women entrepreneurship is the world trending concept. So, in this concept women are facing many challenges. A women’s business is still at the majority level. Therefore, women face different challenges more than male businessmen. But women have been pulling toward it currently. Here, major challenges faced by women entrepreneurs.

Defying Social Expectation

Most businesswomen can participate in this function if they have attended networking events. So, when you attend a crowded seminar you can count the number of women is in there. When we talk about women entrepreneurs with male businessmen, it may be discouraged. In this condition, women may suppose that they should adopt like male’s business attitudes. It like competitive, harsh, and perhaps aggressive. But successful women believe that trust themselves is the key. So, trust yourself and be a strong woman. You have to work hard. But the most important thing is you are in there.

Accessing Funding

When you start up a business you need a strong fund. All founders do not seek investors in their business ground. Therefore, the people who do know how difficult to start without a strong fund. As well as collecting funds for women’s businesses is more difficult than male businesses. Some researchers have found that there are less than 3% of female CEOs work with venture capital funding companies.

So, if avoid this problem women investors have to support each other. According to successful female CEOs, they expect to inspire and encourage women investors and grow up strong capitals.

Struggling to Be Taken Seriously

This is another challenge faced by women entrepreneurship. There are some female CEOs in workplaces and male workers do not follow their leadership roles. Some successful female CEOs had this experience in their career.

Owning Your Accomplishments

Women may inadvertently underestimate their value because of the racial, compromise-building qualities that are encouraged in young girls. Some founders and CEOs of a start-up that provides personalized storage for events, said it has always been difficult to express one’s own value as a leader. And also, many female CEOs give advise women to identify their values and creative ideas. You should have faith that you can run the business.

Building a Support Network

A successful women entrepreneurship just needs a support network. It is an essential matter. Building a support network helps you to succeed in your business. There is no surprise that 48% of female founders suffering from a lack of support network. So, you need advisors and mentors. Therefore, you not easy to always find a supportive network. You have to find women focuses networking events and women business groups. So, after you find your supportive network, you do not be afraid to ask what you want from them.

Balancing Business and Family Life

A woman has many responsibilities to their families. If you are a parent female CEO you have dual responsibilities such as family and business. So, you have to balance both lives. And also, women have to find a way to achieve their goals and targets. Sometimes women have to dedicate one life for their business either family or business life.

Therefore, female businesswomen always have to make choices. According to female CEOs, they suppose that they should need more flexible working time. But working yourself gives more freedom than working for someone else. However, women should know how to balance business and family life.

Coping With Fear of Failure

Female entrepreneurs always fear failing. Failure is the best encouragement for success. Failure is not a negative view. If you want to more success you have to face failures. Any entrepreneur always faces self-doubt in their first step. You can realize your goals through your dreams. And also whatever happens do not give up your dreams.

So, we can identify that women entrepreneurship is the best opportunity for female businesswomen.

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