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We can define labor law as various legal systems applicable to matters. Which are labor law, employment, wages, conditions of employment, trade unions, and industrial relations. In the fullest sense, the term also includes social security and disability insurance.

In addition to the individual contractual relationships that develop from a traditional work environment and, labor law addresses the most important legal requirements. As well, collective relations, organizational economic objectives, and legal relations between the state and the various rights in large manufacturing communities. And also certain types of social service-related obligations.

It is more than a certain number of businesses and wage earners. So, as a usual rule, managers gradually remove expanding the scope of the law. It is including handicrafts, rural industries, and agriculture, small businesses, and office workers.

According to that, a legal system originally intended to protect workers at the hands of industrial enterprises is gradually being transformed into broader legal principles and standards. It includes two functions. We can define it as protecting the employees as the weaker side of the employment relationship and regulating organized interset group relationships.

Factors in labor law

Here we can identify these things under the factors of labor law. This is the general impetus for the modern development of labor law. Which is strengthening statutory requirements and collective bargaining relationships at the expense of the rights. And also, it reflects the obligations created by individual employment relationships. Of course, this depends on the degree of personal freedom of society. Likewise, it’s independent of the employer and the employee who have allowed the actual functioning of the economy.

We can define statutory or collective elements of the essence of each employee’s rights and obligations, in matters such as working hours, healthy and safety conditions, or industrial relations. Furthermore, we can provide a framework for personal agreement regarding things like the time he is appointed. Which means his level and the level of responsibility or his position on the salary scale.

Elements of labor law

We can consider the labor law under nine broad headings.

  • Employement
  • Individual employemet relationships
  • Wages and remuneration
  • Condition of work
  • Health, safety and welfare
  • Social security
  • Trade unions and industrial relations
  • The administration of labor law
  • Special groups

The rules of different systems

There are distinctive elements of labor law. It is reflecting the political, social, economic, and legal differences among the countries. And also, we can identify the importance of statutory and collective agreements. As well as, we can identify the below things under this topic.

  • Distribution of national or industrial collective agreements, contrary to company or plant agreements
  • The importance of certain awarding arbitration countries and theextent to which they affect labor law
  • Judical reviwe of the constitutional structure of the country. Which means especially the constitutionality of the legislature and judical interpretation of constitutional power
  • Limitations and certifiations

Unifying tendencies

The range of possible solutions to similar problems often consists of variations in the details of a limited number of options. And some common items, often presented in the same or nearly identical texts, are repeated in the law of different countries. These elements are partly found in the laws of other countries but are increasingly emerging from the influence of international standards law amended by the International Labor Organization (ILO). And also, the erstwhile Soviet Union, where external influences were secondary. In much of the developing world, they were of great importance even before independence.

Contemporary tendencies

Labor law is different from the old branches of law. That means, its history is sometimes the flow and flow of political change, its development so rapid. And also, global expansion has had such an impact. Therefore, people have been facing difficulties to predict its future. The important thing is that people tend to search about labor law. There is no unimportant labor law in no place.

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