The Beginner’s Guide To Google Form E- commerce


We all know what is a Google form. If you do not know about Google forms, we are ready to help you get going with Google forms. Google is a powerful tool and you can start to build surveys and forms online for free.

What is the Google form?

If you already about Google forms, you can go ahead freely. If you did not, here is the crash course. We will go beyond the basics and make you aware of what is a Google form. And also, you can learn how to get started using it right away.

Google form is a free search tool that is part of the G Suite. So, some people call Google’s complete office suite as Google Docs. As same as, other major services included in the cloud-based suite. Which are sheets, Docs, and slides.

Google forms let you gather information from people through personalized questionnaires or surveys. You can attach a spreadsheet to the leaflets to automatically record the answers. Further, the spreadsheet is popular with responses from real-time questionnaires or surveys. This is the easiest way to save data directly into a Google forms spreadsheet.

How to sign up for a Google account

Before you use Google forms, you must sign up for a Google account. If you already have a Google account you can move on to the next section freely. Then If not, we will go to the simplest way to create a Google account and set you with the form.

Go to Accounts. and click create an account. After then, select myself. On the next page to create your account, you will be provided with your username and password. So, you need to verify your phone number and Google can guarantee that you are not a bot.

After verifying your phone number, you will need to provide a recovery email address. Then you have to provide your date of birth and gender on the back pages. And also, you have to agree to the privacy statement and the terms of service. So, finally, you have a Google account own.

How to create a blank form

You now have a Google account. Therefore, you can start to create your first form. Go to the Google form homepage and place the cursor over the multi-colored plus sign. So, you can click it to create a new form.

How to customize your form

Once you have created a new blank form, the first thing you may want to do is give it a personality. Google forms to customize the theme and add an image, color, and font style.

Here, you can click on the artist palette at the top of the screen. From here, you can choose the base color, background color, and font style of one of the many section photos provided.

While the theme of the templates is less customizable, the Google form meets it with everything else it has to offer. After customizing your form, you can close the theme options to return to your survey.

How to choose question types

Here, you can select the types of questions you want to answer. Whether you need static answers, you can create your perfect template all at once. Click the menu next to the question area. Now you can choose the type of question you want.

How to add more questions

If you are creating a survey or a questionnaire, you are likely to include more than one question about it. Google form makes it easy to add as many questions as you want. and also you can change the type of question. You can divide them into sections, so they do not all show on one page. Then, you click the plus mark to add more questions to your form.

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