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A Software tester can analyze software and systems risk and also it can prevent various issues. So, As a software tester, you will be involved in the software development and deployment quality assurance phase. You will perform automated and manual testing to ensure that the software developed by the developers is suitable for the intended purpose. And also, defects or problems with a product are removed before it can be applied to everyday users.

Your role is essential in creating software systems and technology products, including automotive, electronics, security, and healthcare services. You can work on billions of pounds of bespoke, individual projects or multinational projects scattered around the world. Also, You have to be familiar. So, You be familiar with, programming and using encoding languages.

Responsibilities Of A Software Tester

As a software tester, you have some responsibilities.

  • Identify business needs
  • You should plan projects
  • Monitoring applications and software systems
  • Test script writing and execution
  • Enable manual and automated testing
  • Salary

Salaries vary by location, technical knowledge, and sector. There are two services that have been paying the highest salaries for a software tester such as the city of London and financial services. Revenue figures are meant as a guide only.

Working Hours Of A Software Tester

A software tester works hours usually from 8 am to 6 pm followed by an average office day of eight or nine hours. However, you may work outside of that time due to the nature of the project. Sometimes, this means shifts and weekends. This often happens during software deployment periods or if a project takes place across different locations and time zones.

What To Expect

Work is mainly office and you will spend more time on a computer. Sometimes your role can be stressful during project completion. Once you have enough experience, you can enter the free and contract market. This allows you to select specific projects and work more flexibly. The IT sector has a high ratio of male to female employees, including software testing roles. However, the female ratio is higher than that of male software testers compared to other IT jobs.

Qualifications Of A Software Tester

A software tester needs a degree in computer science or information technology. However, the role is open to graduates from a variety of disciplines:

  • Chemistry
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mathematics
  • Physics

With an HND or basic degree, you have a chance to enter the software testing profession. And also, A diploma in software, information technology, or engineering is highly regarded by companies.


So, you need to have some skills for that.

  • Strong oral and written communication skills with the ability to connect with different stakeholders
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Pay attention to the information
  • Skilled technical skills
  • Organizational skills with the ability to work towards rigorous periods
  • Desire to work with technology
  • Work Experience

A large number of graduate employers offer summer internships and placements during the industry year, giving them the opportunity to gain relevant work experience. By completing such a placement you can gain professional software testing experience and expose yourself to a full development lifecycle.

Some companies implement work shadow proposals to provide an insight into the software testing profession. Your university may also have a computer club.


Software testers are needed in many industries. So, they are a valuable resource for organizations that rely on secure, functional software to operate.

Large graduate employers can incorporate software testing into their rotating IT degree programs. This gives you the opportunity to gain experience in software testing as well as other IT roles. You have to consider your preference for the work style before you apply for a job. Large organizations often dedicate software testers to a single project. Small organizations can have a central team working on various projects.

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