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Business in Government

What Does Business Mean to Government?

Business to Government (B2G) sells and markets goods and services to federal, state, or local agencies. In modern parlance, there are three basic types of business: business to consumer (B2C), business to business (B2B), and business to government (B2G).

B2G is not an insignificant business cluster. The Federal Government alone spends about $ 8.5 billion a day. Significantly, part of its business should be spent on small business providers.

B2G model

Trading in Government is a reliable transaction because it cannot collapse. As a business, a person will always be paid for products or services sent to the Government. It can be a very competitive B2G e-commerce market because all businesses can easily see past transactions and bids on new RFQs and RFPs. Here is a government website that opens bids for companies with an online bidding system, https://www.dibbs.bsm.dla.mil/ra/login.aspx. So, If the business offers a specific product within the delivery period and below the previous price, the website issues a contract to the lowest buyer. The advantages of B2G are that it is easy to start quoting, and guarantees that you will be paid in the end. Disadvantages include lower line sales, in-depth texts, and labels. All orders must have RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags and bar codes across all labels.

Understanding Business in Government (B2G)

A B2B business can be as modest as a small business that provides IT support services to the city government. Therefore, It could be as big as Boeing, which builds helicopters, archery systems, B-52 Bombers, and Air Force One, among many other products, for the U.S. Department of Defense.

At the government level, the General Services Administration (GSA) is the official procurement arm of the Government, establishes and implements regulations on a wide range of products and services purchased by the U.S. government.

Benefits of B2G eCommerce Business Model

1) Market Forecasting

Compared to other business strategies, the B2G eCommerce business model has a lot of market strength. The B2G sector is growing slowly and can adapt to a variety of complex market conditions. This helps to strengthen internet presence and business opportunities and to find more clients and vendors.

2) Better Sales

Improved procurement management process and collaborative approach increase customer loyalty in the B2G eCommerce business model. This in turn leads to improved sales. It helps businesses to demonstrate product recommendations and open up effective marketing and sales opportunities.

3) Low Cost

This online business model leads to lower business costs due to the effective procurement management process. In most cases, the work is done by automation eliminating the possibility of errors and unnecessary use.

4) Data-Centric Process

One of the main advantages of the model is that it relies on intelligent and accurate data to streamline the process. So, In this way, mistakes can be avoided, and accurate predictions can be made. With an integrated data-driven system, you can calculate detailed sales statistics.

B2G – bids and tenders

In many cases, government agencies deal with contracts that have already been negotiated. The government issues tenders, which companies bid on. Tendering means asking companies legally how much they will charge for the project.
Then We call each official presentation a ‘bid.’ The government selects one of the importers, and the company receives a B2G contract.

These contracts exist at the national, state, or local level. Remember that in its short form – B2G – the number ‘2’ represents the word ‘to’ in ‘business-to-government.’ If you write a long way, don’t write ‘business-government-two.’ That is wrong!

4 Steps to Expanded B2G Companies

B2G Marketing and Marketing Coordination

We hear that sales and marketing do not speak the same language – they are often blamed for a lack of sales revenue. Coordinating sales and marketing teams is a stumbling block for many B2G companies. However, This problem may be as old as the Government itself.

In many cases, the role of B2G marketing is to generate leads. The job of the sales department is to follow those leads and make agreements. But thoughtful leaders tell us that in B2G companies in today’s world, aligning their sales and marketing teams is one of the biggest opportunities to see annual revenue growth and improve business performance.

Unfortunately, this need for coordination does not change the fact that historically the two groups have had many complex and challenging relationships that do not change magically overnight. Both sides tend to have timely and aggressive intentions, and they often find it easier to do things without waiting for the other’s involvement.

While there is no quick fix, here are four basic steps to make the sales and marketing alignment of B2G companies. The good news is that B2G companies can speed up this process in partnership with a company that focuses on these approaches. This will bring critical skills sets to the organization while adding to customer acquisition costs.

Step One – Consumer Person

Marketing and marketing need to work together. They both spoke to the same audience. It is not enough to know that you are selling to DOD, DOL, or SSA. Both parties need to take a closer look at the unique qualities that make up the right consumer for their company – a real person – with enough details to put a face and a fake name on the buyer. It is a fictional character representing everything that the consumer himself represents. His questions, doubts, needs, finances, resources, etc. This is the buyer.

Marketing and marketing must be involved and work together to further develop and update those personas. According to HubSpot, one of the top automation marketing platforms, “While using personas to mark content marketing strategies is useful, it only provides a small percentage of the value it has to do. Suppose both organizations are not fully committed to using a person to direct their daily activities. and marketing will increase, and sales momentum will stop, which in turn will increase customer cost (CAC). “

B2G companies can benefit from using a marketing company to drive them by building and improving consumer personas and creating specific content marketing programs. Well done, these investigative measures help to reach consumers before the decision-making process.

Step Two – Create SLAs

A service level (SLA) agreement between sales and marketing is one way to improve the process. It is often said that what is measured is done, and what is measured and considered is done quickly. The SLA sets out evaluation and monitoring processes by defining roles, responsibilities, strategies, objectives, and accountability.

As soon as B2G’s marketing and marketing companies begin to work together and work together on SLAs, real progress can begin. While working with all the details and thought needed to create these SLAs can be difficult, the impact can be felt once they are present. William Howard Taft wrote, “Do not write to understand; write so that you do not understand.” SLAs can make that happen.

Step 3 – Create a content creation process

Your sales team receives feedback from customers, and your contract managers know what makes them happy about your company and your services. Unfortunately, they often do not have the time to record this response and forward it to advertising. One way to solve this problem is to integrate the process of assembling this installation.

Moments of Thinking

Make sure you have a quick time to think through sales and marketing synchronization meetings to ask which content marketing you would like to share with you or attract more revenue. Take a good look at your sales and marketing collateral and create similar messages and language. B2G companies tend to do their thing over time, and their digital and print bonds do not show a united approach.

Critical Communication Materials

If it does not make it all sound or seem to represent the same company, create a plan and budget for reuse these critical communication pieces. Suppose a company lacks internal resources to accomplish this quickly. If so, they can hire an external marketing team that focuses on content marketing methods and the design and development of marketing assets.

According to the 2015 Federal Marketing Review, the vast majority of government consumers use content marketing in their purchasing process. Government decision-makers use content leadership thinking (e.g., white papers, webinar lessons, guides, etc.) before making a purchase decision. You should build a reputation for your product and stay in mind for a long time before RFP. Invest in your content marketing and incoming marketing strategies.

Step 4 – The end of the relevant report

B2G sales and marketing teams need processes to measure results, report these results, and make regular adjustments as data is collected and analyzed. A system that allows end-to-end reporting can go a long way toward successful marketing and marketing alignment success.

Marketing and marketing often have a different view on the number of stages of the decision-making process. They can even have different words to describe those categories. These groups must share the same image of this funnel and agree on the same language. Next, use systems and technologies that allow for full funnel reporting and a lead model to help your teams see what’s happening across the sales and marketing space at all times.

B2G companies can benefit from working with a company such as Measured Results, which focuses on setting up automation marketing and CRM marketing systems to support related marketing and sales relationships. This can help integrate systems, lead models, lead offerings and notifications, reporting, and track sales quality and sales performance.

Largest b2g companies

  1. Mark43
  2. OpenGov
  3. Senseware
  4. Citymart
  5. Skycatch

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