Best Payment Gateway For E-commerce Stores


What is the best payment gateway for e-commerce websites? So, we all must know how to choose the best payment gateway for your website or online store. When someone comes to your online store to buy something, there must be a better payment gateway. If you have a clear gateway, your potential problems will be decreased.

First of all, you have to enter your credit card details on the payment gateway page. After then, you can make the purchase. As well as, you should know what countries are supported. And also, how much transaction fee they charge. So, here you can use the below payment gateways for your businesses.


Most people have been using Paypal as a payment gateway for their online stores. The thing is that this gateway is acceptable in more than 203 countries. So, PayPal supports all credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and more credit cards. If you are going to start an e-commerce business, you need to create a Paypal account.


This is a US-based payment method that you can use for your business. Stripe also available in more than 25 countries. This also supports all major credit cards. When it comes to countries, Canada, Australia and, the United Kingdom people are mostly using this gateway. Stripe is also the best payment method in the world.

This payment gateway currently using in more than 33 countries. As well, this is the most trusted and oldest payment gateway method in the world. has the lowest transaction as well. So, you can use also this payment method for your businesses.


Here, we have skrill which is available in more than 40 countries. Skrill charges 1.9% for transaction fees. And also, skrill offers some woo-commerce-based online businesses.

We pay

Wepay is using drop shippers as an online payment option. If you like to add a seamless and fast payment to your websites, you can use this. As well, they have a customizable payment solution also.

Google Checkout

People in the US and Europe are using Google checkout for online businesses. This is also another great payment method. When you are shopping online, you can use the Google checkout option. So, this is also faster than other payment gateways.

Apple Pay

Most people use Apple pay in the market as their payment gateway option. Then, you can also try this option for your online shop. Apple pay is the contactless payment option. As their acceptable cards, we can identify Visa, Master Card, American express, Suice, and more.

Payment gateway types

Now that you’re in the middle of your journey of learning how to build a website payment gateway and getting acquainted with executives, let’s see what the market has to offer in terms of gateways – it always makes sense to check the right solutions first before deciding to integrate a payment gateway on a website.

There are two types of empowerment payment channels – hosted and non-hosted.

Hosted payment gateway

These methods take your customer off your website to complete the payment and redirect them once the process is complete.

They take care of transaction security and are very easy to integrate into your website. However, you lose control of what is happening and your customer can easily get distracted and leave.

Non hosted Payment gateway

Now let’s take a look at those gates that fit well on your website and keep the user only in your store or platform without removing them and paying elsewhere.

First things first – safety.

This comes as a small inconvenience with solutions that can be handled to help you streamline payments on a website.

As they work on your server and usually store your credit card details for your customers. Therefore, you should ensure the protection of fraud, cardholder data storage, and compliance with PCI (preferred) personal data.

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